Nebelung's moving in!

Nebelung's moving in!

Drawn by 1 million cats. Part of the album Charries.


This site is one of the best replacements I've found for Sketchfu. The tools will take some getting used to, but the system's smooth and easy to use. c: I think I'll do some more exploring!

Thank you Kuru for introducing me to this site. c':

© 2014 1 million cats. Licensed under CC-BY.
So much cute ♥♡♥♡♥ —  User1401
welcooooooooooooooooooome!! Nice sketchies :D And cute stuff you've here! :) —  Zakeena
adawableee :> —  RES
we are poor reFUgees, searching for a new home... i'm still unpacking my stuff here. —  Riff
Love ittt! —  Petlover500
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