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“Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche <3

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Beautiful —  آدم
@آدم @OfC I totally agree *-* —  Jakub
Beliefs are some of the most sensitive parts of people's mental architecture. I have found that engaging in conflict with them often results in wasted energy on both sides. Some conflicts are unresolvable. The more energy you put in to them, the more they take from you. Silent acceptance of the beingness of others despite their illogical word usage can help to keep the peace. Nice particle gradient combo by the way. —  Gibbermagash
@آدم @Jakub Thank you! :) —  OfC
@✴Gibbermagash✴ thank you for your thoughts and compliment. I was really sick that night and constantly in the bathroom, so I brought my tablet in. When I was writing the title another wave of nausea come and when I got back to the table "disillusion" was a suggested word so I went with it. Then used the first illusion quote I found. I am nowhere near as smart or thoughtful as you are- and your words a truth that I have found true with my own life as well. :) —  OfC
"As a professor of science, I assure you we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey-men."
Professor Farnsworth
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