first drawing

first drawing

Drawn by Ebonezee.


here is my First drawing :3 i hope you like it :D

© 2014 Ebonezee. Licensed under CC-BY.

Color Crown Paws Pink Hair Pinkhair Green Blue

This is adorable! Love the freckles especially. Hope to see more of your draws soon Ebonezee :D —  Jini
Aww Thanks @Jini :D —  Ebonezee
positive drawing +1000 , i see we have add in our team of Green eyed ppl even if u have some other color of eyes its all nice just i like Green color it color of Life, Welcome here , on Sketchport , i will support you, see u draw in positive way, thats very nice, keep this way. —  Vomika
yes and i wanted congrats you with ur first draw i wish it only one nice draw of many urs future draws... and even i as ussually last voting i wish my words will cheery up drawers which draw in positive way. —  Vomika
@Vomika Thanks so much. i will support your drawings as well my friend :) —  Ebonezee
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