Abstract may refer to:

  • Abstract (album), 1962 album by Joe Harriott
  • Abstract (law), a summary of a legal document
  • Abstract (summary), in academic publishing
  • Abstract art, artistic works that don't attempt to represent reality or concrete subjects
  • Abstract object in philosophy
  • Abstract structure in mathematics
  • Abstract type in computer science
  • The property of an abstraction
  • Q-Tip (rapper), also known as "The Abstract"


Color Nature Abstract

It's a Tree. And a bush. I was just playing around. As usual

Abstract LadyBug

i support ''Green Peace org.'' : no smoke , no drink , no fast food. Nature it we all, Animals...


For You My nice mother ! My always friend and first whom i showing all what i creating , thank...

Abstract Heads

Just messing around. My first drawing using the SketchPort android app

Animal Sea Octopus Friendly Octopus Abstract Stylized Character

Yay, it's the friendly octopus! Edit: Some people found this a bit creepy. It is not. Please...

Abstract Nature Bug Butterfly

Once Someone Said Famous Thing : ''All life as Circus'' its part of it , Circus - jumping...


(This is inspired by Zakena's »What is this?« challenge. But she didnt use eraser making it too...

Abstract Nature

[ Українська мова теж чарівна < 3 ] Translate : He : You so charming ! She : and You're so romantic !

Abstract Lines Yee

Y'all ever seen 0ne 0' deez bef0re? me either, it's n0t supp0sed to l00k like anything...

Abstract Nature Crocodile

First name of the picture : ["Crocodile Island. Part I ''Nobody at home''"]

Perspective Line drawing Abstract

A not so secret secret message made of a secret language I've made for no reason. Shhh, it's a...

Abstract Nature

First name of the picture : [being Green - support all positive ! be agnaist all bad and dark] =...

Geometric Circles Peacock Abstract

I drew 2 versions of this, but the other one still unfinished ._.I'll finish the other one...

"Cherish the certainty of now, it kills you a bit at a time."
Faith No More
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