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About the thing I call me: Am not an artist but my soul is. This planet is my home but I live in Norway with great people and critters around. Aspirations: -Working against the death penalty for spiders after scaring people. -Finding a cure against willingly following our lower nature.

Krisse is the best ever <33 —  Aljannah Jaan
I finally uploaded a picture, you can check it out. nothing special though. —  Ralian
She can't go home this year because of she has to be ready in new mining site. I went home, took some sakura pictures in Tokyo too. Unfortunately, I couldn't see them in my hometown because of timing. About vote, I'm sorry. I think i clicked twice that time. Haha. —  Sonny Mulder
Hehe it is ok to vote pictures Down too lol:P @Sonny Mulder Aww well I hope she can find something equally comforting to rest her eyes on! —  Krissie
Yay i learned much from video of your drawing xD thank you, Krissie —  Aya Mulder
Aw I am glad to hear I could be of use to you:) Thank you @Aya Mulder —  Krissie
oh my god... you are just unbelievably talented... <3 —  Helen
Wow @Helen I feel humbled! How sweet —  Krissie
I agree with @Helen. Also, I like your new tagline :) —  magicalhobo
You're too awesome, Krissie. :D —  magicalhobo
Thank you so much! —  flora-remora
Thank you :D —  Lilyfield
YES! Finally :D I'm still feeling empty inside now though,, Not empty,, Hmmm,, Sometimes it's "loading" when I think about something,, not as fast as I used to... T_T BTW I miss to see ur drawing again! :D —  Aya Mulder
Key Krissie! Planning on drawing again anytime soon?? :D :D —  Rebeccajj
@Rebeccarawrr Hey yes! I have been working this summer with no time:) But I will draw more again! Hope you had a great summer too. —  Krissie
Aww, can't wait to see what you create! Thank you, hope yours is going well too. :D —  Rebeccajj
Yay, hope to see you back soon! —  magicalhobo
Hey Krissie, I hope things are going well for you! —  magicalhobo
Hey @magicalhobo! A bit busy with uni and work and other things but keep going:) Hope all is really good for you! —  Krissie
Krissie is my #1 favorite Norwegian. —  magicalhobo
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