Purple Blob Monster

Purple Blob Monster

Drawn by uneekL4evr.


Purple Blob Monsters are the Bestest! Sparkles! TEEHEE

© 2014 uneekL4evr. Licensed under CC-BY.

Purple Blob Monster Mental Basketcase Breakdown

I love how you have embraced your creepy side! :D —  Luna Sea
so... that's how you see yourself? xD —  Zakeena
D: oh my.... those sparkly eyes... what is this, i don't even- —  Riff
Not enough blood! D< —  Agent-Bunny-Boy
@Liar thankss and @Luna Sea I always embrace my inner creepy xD. @Zakeena NO, not at all!!....(maybe xD) @Riff I don't even either xD. @Agent-Bunny Boy Never enough Blood —  uneekL4evr
"You can't give up hope just because it is hopeless! You gotta hope even more, and cover your ears, and go: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!""
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