I am returning. Hello!

I am returning. Hello!

Drawn by gearstrop. Part of the album old stuff.


Hi everyone! I bet I've been forgotten! ^^;; I genuinely miss being on drawing social media because that's when my creativity was at its peak, and my dopamine and serotonin levels were at normal levels. (Do you get my drift...? oh, ok i'll tell you, I'm very depressed. ^^;;) I really do miss drawing. I haven't done it in so long, and you know it gets bad when your boyfriend says "why don't i ever see you drawing, dear?" so it's time i turn my life around! i'm going to pull myself out of this depression and be myself again, damn it!! I've changed so much, and I do hope all of you are doing well. Perhaps I can rekindle old friendships, and make new ones too. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas too!! <3 <3 ps i miss sketchfu so frick fracking much. :'(((

© 2014 gearstrop. Licensed under CC-BY.

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The proportions on the face are perfect, nice work! —  magicalhobo
I love your work. sketchy drawings are the best. :3 —  Zakeena
you're back just when there was an update, poor shannannae! XD —  Riff
@Riff my life pretty much. riff i miss you ;u; —  gearstrop
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