Drawn by Lunar Eclipse for the Draw Your Meme! challenge.


Oops, I didn‘t mispell it, did I?

© 2014 Lunar Eclipse. Public domain under CC0.

Leekspin Uneek Ievan Polkka Loituma girl Viral

lmao this brings me back to when this was a meme and everyone did it —  Silenhalle
haha this is awesome xD and who knows? it's highly likely I've been spelling it wrong this whole time xD —  uneekL4evr
haha, this is great! xD —  Zakeena
"You can't give up hope just because it is hopeless! You gotta hope even more, and cover your ears, and go: "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!""
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