Drawing 5193240949030912

Drawing 5193240949030912

Drawn by Cryingwolf.


I am HORRIBLE WITH computer art. Well, art in general. ;_: IT HURT TO DRAW THIS...but I needed to get my mind away.

© 2014 Cryingwolf. Licensed under CC-BY.


Pretty good, keep practicing! Cool colors. —  magicalhobo
Thankyou everyone who liked. :3 @magicalhobo thankyou so much! I don't know what to say when a pro comments on my sucky art. @.@ —  Cryingwolf
Green hair! , VVoVV : ) positive draw + 100 —  Vomika
Best wishes from me to everyone who drawing positive and want to became better in drwing here many talanted drwers , ask them all , here all friendly. Good luck in everything. —  Vomika
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