Drawn by thewalkingdude.


Ein and Edward from Cowboy Bebop. Thank you to Aya for helping to fix the corgi head hat. :D

© 2013 thewalkingdude. Licensed under CC-BY.

Corgi Ein Edward Cowboy Bebop Anime Shinichiro Watanabe

@Aya Mulder Showing how is helping :P @magicalhobo @zakeena Thank you! @Vomika I didn't create this character she's from a famous anime, which is why she looks the way she does (awesome) I don't think Ed is a fan of bows, though she did wear a dress once. —  thewalkingdude
@thewalkingdude now i see why Eee... like Asus Eee : ) ; ) haha funny name for girl and I like Edith from Despicable Me she cool and cute girl <3 — Vomika —  Vomika
Bebop <3 I love Ed. Her voice is SO cute xD —  Jini
Haha I youtubed a few Radical Edward compilations yesterday. Was a great character. Are you referring to the Japanese voice acting or the English voice acting? —  thewalkingdude
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