shark and fishies

shark and fishies

Drawn by Rebeccajj. Part of the album Sea Creatures.


Hello, I am back. Haha. Finally. Got a little impatient with this one towards the end. Will probably continue this again soon. :)

Staring at pretty comics on Tapastic and listening to nice music helped me draw this:

© 2016 Rebeccajj. Licensed under CC-BY.

Shark Fish Underwater Sea Great white shark

Looks Great Rebecca, lots of awesome details in there. —  Gibbermagash
nice! —  Liar
@ºGibbzº @Liar thank you! :) —  Rebeccajj
Ohh beautiful —  uneekL4evr
@uneekL4evr Thanks! :) —  Rebeccajj
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