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My Father and Grandfather taught me to paint Oils when I was five years old. That was 30 years ago. In High school I fell in love with watercolor. I've always loved how a painting would change itself with each stroke... How you can start one place and finish in a completely different place. Especially with watercolor, since every brushstroke is almost permanent. Since then, I have done a bit of work in graphic art and website design, but I still always love to play with the basics of composition. I love this site because it provides a platform to explore all of the possibilities for new ideas, and because everyone here has been so nice, supportive, and inspiring.

It looks like you figured out the fill tool pretty quickly, nice! —  magicalhobo
Thank you :) It is fun to play around with. —  Jonathan Bennett
Not sure who to thank, but *Thank You* to whoever decided to use one of my pics on the home page. :) —  Jonathan Bennett
It's automatic, you got there for getting lots of votes. Nice work! —  magicalhobo
I see... Thank you ! —  Jonathan Bennett
You are so beautifully talented... <3 —  Tera Miller
Thank you T !! —  Jonathan Bennett
Just read your bio ! Woah you are a sensei :D Watercolour sensei :D —  Aya Mulder
awe, thank you Aya !! :) —  Jonathan Bennett
You back : )))) —  Vomika
Naturelove 1 man ! :D —  Vomika
Hello ! —  Vomika
im also draw with only mouse :)) —  Vomika
sadly you coming here rare , normal ppl rarely coming : ( —  Vomika
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