Drawn by Aya Mulder. Part of the album Geometric Shapes.


Another silly drawings. I drew it on paper before but it was bad (and it's still bad now) :/ Honestly I love to draw something like this, but on paper because i love to use my ruler xD I didn't draw the face because I thought it can be like this or like this. I was too tired to draw the details,, I'll try to fix it later when I'm not lazy and not tired xD

© 2013 Aya Mulder. Licensed under CC-BY.

Geometric Hime

@Lunar Eclipse lmao xD and triangular human :P —  Aya Mulder
I dunno what you mean. I was talking about your signature. AS92MN. You said it wasn't finished and you're not allowed to sign it until it's finished :p —  thewalkingdude
@thewalkingdude well it's finished , almost:P just going to add something later,, not soon tho,, will disappear soon. —  Aya Mulder
Pretty :D You should go with the second face imo. —  Jini
I like this:) Nice job. I think you don't need a face at all (or then the second option) —  Krissie
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