Those are clouds, not smoke! xD

Those are clouds, not smoke! xD

Drawn by Aya Mulder. Part of the album People.


After looking Luna's Blue drawing, it made me wanted to draw something with blue colour xD I don't know why it became like this._.The idea just popped out after my brain reading "blue" and "smoke" xD

© 2014 Aya Mulder. Licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Sky Clouds Woman Blue

i wish i had blue hair —  thewalkingdude
@thewalkingdude why? o_O So you can hide your hair when the sky iis blue? xD —  Aya Mulder
nooo because it's sooo coool...but i can't because i would never get a job if i had blue hair —  thewalkingdude
@thewalkingdude Wise walkingman xd Just dyed urs when you are get older,, when u are 80 or so xd —  Aya Mulder
Awesome @Aya Mulder —  Luna Sea
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