Introduction Challenge

Introduction Challenge

Drawn by Aya Mulder for the Introductions! challenge. Part of the album Challenges.


Found this in my Sketchport file's folder, I forgot to finish it and it got buried there xD I had so much trouble drawing human, but I somehow learned how to handle my trackpad to draw eyes now xD! Joe said the eyebrows look weird at first


Ended up drew the fringe became longer ^^ Yaay so happy that I finished this! I'm going to "dig" another unfinished drawing in my sketchport file's folder ^^

Almost forgot the main topic! xD


Hullo my name is Aya ! I used to hate to draw in the past, until I met awesome people from internet who showed me to the world that I had bad memory with. I started learning how to draw from watching how people drawing in the game :D I have an obsession with sunrise, so pardon me if I draw too much sunrise ._. That's all I can say now xD


PS : Please be patient with my grammatical error, typos or if I use strange words when I talk, cause I'm still learning how to socialize with human^^

© 2014 Aya Mulder. Licensed under CC-BY.

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