Midna, the Twilight Princess.

Midna, the Twilight Princess.

Drawn by tord and inspired by The Legend of Zelda.


This was requested anonymous by a person from Ask.Fm on my art account (most likely my sister)

So yes this is everybody's favorite Imp. (Unless you like Skull kid but you know just bear with me hah a)

© 2014 tord. Licensed under CC-BY.

Midna Twilight Princess

:D Awesome! The art in Twilight Princess was so cool. *o* —  magicalhobo
@magicalhobo oh my gosh I know right? I grew up with that game! //besides OOT haha —  tord
You knew it was me~ XD It's le Solleaghan —  MidnaTheTwilightImp
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