Sushi City

Sushi City

Drawn by Lunar Eclipse for the The art of sushi challenge.


For the art of sushi challenge. The taste is common (Avocado on top, nuts inside), but now you can live in it!

Tried a style with non-saturated colors and no lines. Means of perspective are used to provide the experience of an inhabitant but used incomplete (e. g. not much color perspective) - aiming for an pattern-filled area rather than for illusion of space.

© 2013 Lunar Eclipse. Licensed under CC-BY.

Sushi Fantastic

This is awesome Lunar! You're always so creative :D —  Jini
Especially the bush is cool! And the path to the stairs. —  Krissie
@Jini @Krissie thank you :D And its just ginger and a tablecloth... —  Lunar Eclipse
This is freaking AWESOME!!! ^_^ —  Kanani
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