Further Elaboration upon a nightmare

Further Elaboration upon a nightmare

Drawn by Gibbermagash.


I told Luna my creepy dream of waking up being held captive or in prisoned in a bare concrete room. I wondered why my captors didn't look in on me for a really long time. Then I looked in the next room and realized that I had been in an abandoned building the whole time. I went outside and I was in the middle of a junkyard in an industrial area. I don't remember being naked in the dream. But then again I don't remember what I was wearing. So she did a drawing based upon the creepy dream. So i decided to elaborate upon her illustration.

© 2014 Gibbermagash. Licensed under CC-BY.

Luna sea

Maybe I was channeling a ghost that is stuck in a room at the fort. —  Gibbermagash
That's quite a cool style you did the background in - somewhat remembers me of old lower-bit computer graphics. The background renouncing from clear exposure of details in favor of slightly hinting that there could be something effects the viewers brain creating a nightmarish atmosphare from its own fears :) —  Lunar Eclipse
masterpiece. makes me feeling claustrophobic. —  Riff
Sort of made me think of the scream painting. but, it would be after a mudfight. And he's glueing back on his head. —  Zakeena
It looks even creepier in the little circle. Like you're looking in on a patient. —  Gibbermagash
"Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable."
Carl Sagan
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