Sacred Mountain

Sacred Mountain

Drawn by Aya Mulder. Part of the album Nature.


I miss drawing and playing on sketchport T_T cause of my new project from office, i only can login but can't even browse all new drawings for long time T_T Around 2 weeks ago my cousin told me there's a new website called Fuji-san Watcher That time I got excited cause I could see Fuji-san live xd then started drawing it xD Yesterday i promised myself that if i can't finish it now, i'll just dispose it xD wondering when is my real day off will come :'( Ok now back to work :s

© 2014 Aya Mulder. Licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Mountain Fuji Japan Night Snow Tree Silhouette Landscape

it's beautiful. ♥ we'll be waiting for you Aya :3 —  Zakeena
GREAT COLORS :) <3 —  Helen
I can feel the temperature and climate. So lifelike! :D —  Agent-Bunny-Boy
I hope life gets easier for you. Great drawing by the way! :) —  Zippy the Wonderslug
Fantastic :D —  ~moneywithptc~
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