Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Drawn by Azzah B.A.


Since you guys love my patterns, I thought pshh why not spend 6 hours painstakingly drawing a paisley paradise where your eyeballies can get lost in its intricate mazework. So enjoy... :)

P.S. Special thanks to my special guy who makes framing my artwork a wonderful reality.

© 2015 Azzah B.A. Licensed under CC-BY.
OMG :D —  Papachan
love details —  Owl/chris/$$
This make a piece of great clothing / background material for the manga stickers ! If i had a specific printer that can print those stickers, i would love to use this pattern !!! <3 You never seize to amaze me Azzah <3 Mishhh you much :x —  Stupiee
thanks everyone really appreciate it and glad you liked it @Jakub @Shelly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ @Uneek the Typosarus @Nikko @آدم @Luna Sea @OfC @Papachan and @Stupiee <3 —  Azzah B.A
bootiful —  Wolfie the demon
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