~Camping with friends~

~Camping with friends~

Drawn by Agent-Bunny-Boy. Part of the album ~Surreal and Abstract ~.


Gather 'round t' fire pit 'n gaze int' t' flames. List'n t' emb'rs pop and watch t' blaze a-change. Now take y'r hand and turn t' spit as t' goblin plays y'r fiddle. W'll sing a littl' tune ou' underneat' t' moon. An' maybe even dance a-littl'! Our beast was great, it's gettin' late— t' game is nibbled through t' bone... Tis sure was fun, and the day be done, f'r tomorro' rise' t' sun. And when he shows, only t' embers glow, and all the monsters walk on home.

Credit due: Morbid Mumbles for his earlier attempts at collaborating. Thank you!

© 2014 Agent-Bunny-Boy. Licensed under CC-BY.

B&W Landscape Nature Monsters Woods Creatures Night Campfire

I love this, I'm making it my desktop background. —  Lazarus
gorgeous :D —  Riff
Whoa, awesome style! —  magicalhobo
Amazing <3 —  OfC
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