Drawn by Aya Mulder. Part of the album People.


just silly sketches cause got really bored with papers that have to be done from office... it's been awhile not drawing and browsing awesome drawings on sketchport :s it was hard to draw this silly thing cause my fingers "forgot" how to draw with touchpad-.- i miss sketchport :(( but i have to focus working, studying and recovering my health... Well, I have to go back to my papers for now^^

© 2014 Aya Mulder. Licensed under CC-BY-SA.

Woman Girl Watermelon Cry Dress Aya

The watermelon girl is so cute. Why is she crying? —  Shelly ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Aw I missed your drawings, happy to see a new drawing form you today. :) Best wishes for those other imporatnat things. —  Lunar Eclipse
Poor aya :( —  Papachan
Awww, love it! <3 Miss you and your drawings, Aya! Hope you'll be able to draw whenever you want soon. :3 <3 —  Rebeccajj
Love it!! Good luck with work ;( —  Miss Apple
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