Drawn by thewalkingdude.


I know the costume is creepy but the cat is what scares me...

© 2014 thewalkingdude. Licensed under CC-BY.

Death Cat Moon Winter

Very Nice! Yay you submitted :p —  xLitchi
At my funeral I’d like there to be a pinata so that people can be happy…But filled with bees so they're not too happy. :) —  Zippy the Wonderslug
This has a look that reminds me of the game Limbo. Which I think is awesome. —  magicalhobo
I thought the one in the middle was a guy disguised in a tombstone xD —  Zakeena
@magicalhobo I have played that game. It is very cool. @Zakeena Who knows what he's supposed to be dressed as :p —  thewalkingdude
"We long to be here for a purpose, even though, despite much self-deception, none is evident."
Carl Sagan
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