life of a medicine student#2

life of a medicine student#2

Drawn by Stupiee. Part of the album manga!.


when you get so much pressure and wanted to release it AND THEN YES I HAD ALMOST ACHIEVED THIS . XD

© 2015 Stupiee. Licensed under CC-BY.

Manga Sketch

Very nice! I like how you arranged the seperate parts in both of your manga drawings as well as the perspectives (particularly for the person entering through the door and floor bending. :) —  Lunar Eclipse
@Lunar Eclipse Thanks Lunar ! I spent quite a lot of time thinking the storyboard , however it still isn't that perfect so if you feel like the story went too fast or too slow,or perhaps the entire story isn't smooth enough , please do not hesitate and point it out! i will do my best to improve my skills ! —  Stupiee
@Stupiee Allright, I'll tell you about my observations and feelings then – curious about how the story will continue —  Lunar Eclipse
@Lunar Eclipse Ahahaha,then i will have to feel more about my life and find some funny moments ! :D —  Stupiee
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