The Plot Thickens...

The Plot Thickens...

Drawn by Joe HF. Part of the album Space.


Adding a couple more craft to my Sci-Fi crossover battle

Craft belong to the relevant license holders. (license note)

© 2013 Joe HF. Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA.

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@Azzah B.A The "Jumanji-in-space" film? I suppose I could put the house in too. - Currently there's a Star Destroyer (Star Wars), Galaxy-class starship (Star Trek), the TARDIS (Dr Who) and a Ha'tak mothership (Stargate) - Some of my next plans are Serenity (Firefly), Thunderbird 3, a Guild Highliner (Dune), a Cylon Raider (BSG), and the Planet Express ship (for one of the challenges xd) —  Joe HF
@Joe HF hunhun knows all spaces films, @Azzah B.A <3 xD —  Aya Mulder
@Joe HF yeah hahah I like this alot <3 thats cool Joe ! @Aya Mulder yeah obviously !!! —  LittleFawn
Love this battle! Will there be a winner? :D —  Paige
this just makes me realize how much I want Star Fox 64, but how angry I am with how hard it is to procure >.< good job, Joe! :D and @Paige who doesn't love a good intergalactic battle between the forces of good and evil :3 —  Kevin
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