somewhere above a cloud

somewhere above a cloud

Drawn by LittleFawn for the "Dream" challenge.


Up there, there was a huge golden sand palace, you wouldn't get there unless you pass the golden gate .... and only one person every 100 years would get to live there forever !

© 2013 LittleFawn. Licensed under CC-BY.

Castle Palace Gold Sky Dream

@magicalhobo hahaha maybe you can imagine how a room in that castle would look like and draw it for us or at least describe it and someone would draw it :D —  LittleFawn
@Jini @Wen thanks :D <3 you are both so amazing too —  LittleFawn
@Chris :D draw what you had in your mind after seeing it ! —  LittleFawn
@JJ JJ it is actually my entry for the "Dream" Challenge :D glad I was able to give the feeling ! thanks :D <3 —  LittleFawn
This is sooooo beautiful, Azzah!! ❤️❤️ I want to be in this place. 😭❤️❤️ —  Nikko
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