► Plop Room ◄

► Plop Room ◄

Drawn by xLitchi.


Welcome to my world :3 ( No more Cookie Monster but Lychee Monster :p ) THANKS to Agent Neverland for the Help :* ♥♥

© 2014 xLitchi. Licensed under CC-BY.

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Everything about this is just so awesome! <3 —  Zippy the Wonderslug
Durian monstaaaaa XD —  Aya Mulder
@Zippy the Wonderslug Aww thank youu so much <3 @Aya Mulder Hahaha it could be xD Btw i drew a mini durian ! don't know if you saw it ! ♥ —  xLitchi
is that cookie monster? "that nomnom thing?" —  sweetrox
@sweetrox it's like a cookie monster but transformed into a Lychee Monster xD —  xLitchi
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