Cutting The Night Sky

Cutting The Night Sky

Drawn by Aya Mulder. Part of the album Nature.


Actually I was going to practice drawing clouds, afraid I forget how xD Just when I saw the result it looks boring and it wasn't good I tried to draw a window with drapes too, but still it looks bad xD In the end I really messed it up -.-

© 2013 Aya Mulder. Licensed under CC-BY.

Haha this is awesome, Aya. Best clouds I've seen here! —  magicalhobo
Very nice clouds! I almost thought it was a picture! —  Unbreakable Wings
@magicalhobo @SilentButterfly Thank u very much ^^ I wasnt sure at first :x glad u like it ^^ —  Aya Mulder
Giant scissors :)) —  Sonny Mulder
O _ O how big are those scissors? Lol love it —  nightstar
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