The Backyard I Didn't Grow Up In

The Backyard I Didn't Grow Up In

Drawn by Kevin.


So Aya-chan finally got me here xD I was going to draw a lake beneath the tree at first, but I changed my mind and decided that a backyard would be better. And I love autumn. My shading and lighting could still use some improvement, but I think it's okay for my first drawing here :)

© 2013 Kevin. Licensed under CC-BY.

I love it too:) Though I would be interested in seeing a version where there was less yellow blur over the top. Good job!!! —  Krissie
thanks, @Paige <3 and yeah, @Krissie, I knew I wanted the backyard to be illuminated, but had no idea how to do it, so I just improvised with the light :) I don't know when's the next time I'll do a scenic drawing, haha, this took me forever to do xD —  Kevin
@Kevin Waring Oh ok!:) —  Krissie
Awesome, Kevin! Love the details here :) —  Sonny Mulder
Thanks, @Sonny Mulder :D I admittedly had to Google a rake because where I live, basically autumn is nonexistent, therefore, no need for a rake :P —  Kevin
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