Ed Sheeran... unfinished

Ed Sheeran... unfinished

Drawn by Kevin.


Welp, this drawing had potential... I can't save any progress I make, so I'll just submit it and anyone can have at it :) I'll try to finish it another way. Or maybe I'll attempt to finish it later here.

© 2013 Kevin. Licensed under CC-BY.

thanks, guys! I'm resolved myself to finish it, haha, I've sulked enough xD I'll take Sarah's advice to clear my cache (which I normally do before drawing, but didn't for some reason today). I hate leaving stuff unfinished. the Ed will be finished. he will be finished by week's end. —  Kevin
@Kevin Waring who is sarah :P —  Aya Mulder
um, a very dear friend of mine, Aya :D —  Kevin
Nice job! I love his hair in this <3 —  Paige
Thanks! I'm almost done with all the tattoos on his arm, probably tomorrow I'll be done :D I'll e-mail it to you. I miss you, I hope you've been alright <3 —  Kevin
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