The Dark Lord vs. Yoshi

The Dark Lord vs. Yoshi

Drawn by Kevin.


I've had this idea for a while: the discharge from Voldemort's wand connecting with Yoshi's elongated tongue. But yours truly has quite a small monitor, so I couldn't make the tongue as long as I wanted. Still, I think it came out alright :P To make it a fair fight, Voldemort doesn't have the Elder Wand :)

© 2013 Kevin. Licensed under CC-BY.

Niiiiice. :) —  Chris
Nice lighting effect —  Sonny Mulder
Wooow that looks awesome Kevin! Love the touch of veins on Voldys head xD —  Paige
Thanks, @Helen, @Aya Mulder, and @Chris xD @Sonny Mulder, that's the power of the brush blur <3 and @Paige, I Googled images of him and saw many photos of him with veins, so I said, "Why not add them, it'll add to his fierce look." :) —  Kevin
Hehe it looks a little like he's an egg about to crack. Woop Yoshi ftw! —  Paige
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