Bugatti (edited)

Bugatti (edited)

Drawn by Kevin.


I had to edit the previous version because I forgot to use shadows on the top portion of the hood >.< it looks better than it did before.

© 2013 Kevin. Licensed under CC-BY.

@magicalhobo, two tone? well, the color of the car in the picture I drew from was black; but I figured it'd be hard to do shading if I colored it black, so I opted for grey. And I used alpha for the first time :) that's how I *attempted* to do the windshield and rear window. thanks, @Yobonbon! —  Kevin
awesome job. :) —  Unbreakable Wings
thanks, @SilentButterfly <3 —  Kevin
Very Nice Kevvy @Kevin Waring —  Lizzy
car goals tbh —  Nikko
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